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1. We advised Nordic Trustee ASA, as Bond Trustee and DNB Bank ASA, as mandated lead arranger, in financing indebtedness of Nova Austral and its subsidiaries. The closing was executed on July 25, 2017. 2017年 7月

2. Compañía Minera Milpo S.A.A., directly and through its related entities, transferred its interest in Minera Rayrock Limitada to Coro Mining Corp (through its Chilean affiliate, Minera Cielo Azul Limitada). The transaction was USD$6,500,000 plus a 1.5/2% NSR Royalty over the products of the mining concessions of the project. 2017年 6月

3. We advised Southern Cross Group in the acquisition of Petrobras in Chile for US$ 490 million. 2017年 1月

4. We advised Cognita Chile Limitada in the acquisition of the 49% of Sociedad Desarrollos Educacionales S.A. from Inversiones La Construcción S.A 2016年 9月

5. We advised the controlling shareholders of Ripley Corp S.A. in the partnership agreement with El Puerto de Liverpool. 2016年 7月

6. We advised ATCO Logistics & Structure Ltd., in connection with the acquisition –through its Chilean subsidiary ATCO Logistics & Structure Inc. II Limitada– of 50% of Sabinco Soluciones Modulares S.A., a company wholly-owned by Ultramar Agencia Maritima Group. 2016年 4月

7. We advised a subsidiary of Ripley Corp S.A. in the acquisition from a subsidiary of Cencosud S.A. of 16, 5% of Inmobiliaria Mall Viña del Mar S.A. (“the Company”), which is the owner of the shopping malls Marina Arauco located in Viña del Mar city and Curico located in Curico city. Then, we also advised Ripley Corp (now owner of 50% of the Company) in the amendment of the Company´s by-laws. This amendment was negotiated and agreed with Parque Arauco S.A. which is the owner of the remaining 50 % of the Company. 2016年 4月

8. We advised Multiexport Foods in the investment agreement of a capital increase of its subsidiary Salmones Multiexport S.A. (Salmex) in connection with the Japanese company Mitsui & Co. Ltd. for an amount of US$100, 7 million. Multiexport Foods will own 76.62% of its subsidiary Salmex and Mitsui will hold a 23.37% of the stock of the company. 2015年 12月

9. We advised Enel, controlling shareholder, in the reorganization process of listed companies Enersis, Endesa Chile and Chilectra. 2015年 12月

10. Our firm represented Goldcorp Inc. in a Joint Venture, which Goldcorp´s “El Morro” gold and copper project and Teck Resources Limited´s “Relincho” copper and molybdenum project were integrated into a single mining project called “Project Corridor”, located in the Atacama Region of Chile for an initial capital costs of $3.5 billion. 2015年 11月

11. We advised Medtronic in the acquisition of 51% of Scardin Corp Chile S.A. (Cardiored), a leader company in cardiovascular services and solutions. 2015年 10月

12. We advised Iansa in the 49, 21% sale of shares to ED&F Man. At the same time, ED&F Man acquired 32, 19% shares of Inversiones Campos Chilenos. Thus, ED&F Man will control 91, 95 % of the issued share capital of Iansa and 93, 15% of the issued share capital of Inversiones Campos Chilenos. 2015年 9月

13. We advised SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) Chile in the acquisition of the 70% of SIGA Ingeniería y Consultoría S.A., leader engineering service firm in Chile. 2015年 9月

14. Our firm advised Godrej Industries Limited, a company incorporated and existing under the laws of India, acquires 40% of the shares of the Chilean company Cosmética Nacional S.A. through its Chilean affiliates Godrej Holdings (Chile) Limitada and Godrej Consumer Investments (Chile) SpA. 2015年 9月

15. We advised Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P. in the acquisition of Aguas de Antofagasta for US$ 965 million. 2015年 6月

16. We represented Banmédica in the joint venture in Peru between Banmédica and El Pacífico Peruano Suiza Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros. 2014年 12月

17. Our firm advised Franco-Nevada Corporation in the agreement with Lundin Mining Corporation for the purchase of 80% of the Chilean companies owning the mining deposits of Candelaria and Ojos del Salado from Freeport-McMoRan Inc. for US$648 million. 2014年 11月

18. We advised Korea Southern Power Corporation (KOSPO) and Samsung C&T Corporation (Samsung) in a joint venture Kelar S.A. for the development of a combined-cycle power plant to be located in the Antofagasta region for US$400 million. 2014年 11月

19. We assisted Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA (German company) in the acquisition of 51% of the shares of the Chilean company SIM-SA S.A. (nowadays, Dräger Simsa S.A.). 2014年 5月

20. We represented Aqua Gen Chile S.A. in the purchase from Australis Seafoods S.A. of all of the assets involved in the salmon egg production and genetics division of the latter, belonging to its subsidiary “Landcatch Chile S.A.” 2014年 2月

21. We advised Silver Standard Resources Inc. in the sale of the Challacollo mining project located in northern Chile to Mandalay Resources Corporation 2014年 1月

22. We represented Ripley Chile S.A., Ripley Financiero Ltda. and CAR S.A. in the whole legal process to integrate its credit card business with Banco Ripley. 2013年 12月

23. We advised AES Gener in the joint venture agreement between AES Gener (60%) and Antofagasta Minerals S.A. (AMSA) for the construction and operation of the Alto Maipo hydro power project for US$1,650 million. 2013年 7月

24. We advised Automatic Data Processing, Inc. in the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Payroll S.A. 2013年 6月

25. We advised Cognita in the acquisition of the 51% of the shares issued by Desarrollos Educacionales S.A., which were acquired from Inversiones La Construcción. 2013年 6月

26. We represented Empresas Públicas de Medellín in the purchase of equity interest in two eolic projects; Parque Eólico El Pacifico and Parque Eólico Cebada with 110 MW owned by Eolic Partners Chile S.A. for US$220 million. 2013年 3月

27. We advised Red de Salud Universidad Católica (UC), Chile’s largest private health care network, in the negotiation process and agreement to sell its 40% of property to Christus Health for US$205 million. 2013年 2月

28. We represented Comsur S.A. and Tecnologías Gráficas Cordillera S.A. in the purchase of all the shares of Aqua Print Impresores S.A. 2013年 1月

29. We advised Endesa S.A. in the process to increase the capital of its Chilean subsidiary Enersis S.A. 2012年 12月

30. We advised AES Gener, the third largest power company in Chile, in the agreement between AES Gener (60%) and Mitsubishi Corporation (40%) for the construction and operation of Cochrane, coal-fired power project, whose investment reaches more than US$1.3 b 2012年 11月

31. We advised Principal Financial Group in the acquisition of Chile’s AFP Cuprum, a private pension fund manager, from local conglomerate Penta for US$1.5 billion. 2012年 10月

32. 协助 秘鲁信贷银行 (Banco de Credito del Peru)收购IMTrust 60.6%的股权。 2012年 7月

33. 代理巴西航空公司与LAN智利航空公司合并,组建拉丁美洲最大的航空公司LATAM。 2012年 6月

34. 代理Comsur S.A.,销售Massiva S.A.50%的股份。 2012年 5月

35. 代理Lansa S.A.公司收购巴塔哥尼亚投资股份公司38%的股份。 2012年 5月

36. 协助智利企业BO包装股份公司(BO集团)和外国投资者组成的团队,以5600万美元,收购挪威Norske Skog集团旗下的造纸公司Papeles Norske Skog Bío-Bío S.A. (比奥比奥纸业)。 2012年 5月

37. 代理印度Godrej Industries Ltd. 收购智利国家化妆品公司60%的股份, 2012年 4月

38. 协助Xstrata铜矿公司将南部能源水电项目51%的股份销售给澳大利亚Origin Energy公司。南部能源项目位于艾森大区,是智利规模最大的水电项目之一,发电量为1100兆瓦。 2012年 4月

39. 协助Vida Integra股份有限公司(保险界领先企业Isapre Banmédica公司之子公司)收购瓦尔帕莱索地区门诊及医疗服务供应商Centromed股份有限公司69.55%的股权,涉及金额约500万美元。 2012年 2月

40. 代理智利SGS控股有限公司以3700万美元收购了CIMM技术服务股份有限公司100%的股权。 2012年 1月

41. 代理ISA电力股份有限公司以2.11亿美元收购了5号公路南段五家专营公司40%的股权,使其持股比例达到100%。 2011年 12月

42. 代理Southern Cross Group集团,将Central Tierra Amarilla 股份有限公司出售给Inkia Energy公司。 2011年 12月

43. 代理BO Packaging公司以2250万美元收购了IDE包装公司。 2011年 11月

44. 代理LINPAC集团有限公司以3500万美元将其子公司Linpac Packaging有限公司和 Linpac Iberoamericana公司100%的股权出售给哥伦比亚重量级控股企业Carvajal集团。 2011年 11月

45. 代理吉特迈汽车股份有限公司(Automotores Gildemeister S. A.)发行3亿美元私募基金,2021年到期。发行人为智利汽车专业公司––吉迈特汽车股份有限公司,担保方为其智利子公司––Marc 租赁股份有限公司(Marc Leasing S.A.)。 2011年 9月

46. 代理斯堪斯卡(Skanska)公司以4500万美元将安托法加斯塔(Antofagasta)高速公路50%的股权出售给拉丁美洲投资基金(Las Américas)。 2011年 6月

47. 代理欧洲科技服务的领先企业Lógica International公司以4500万美元收购了西班牙Gesfor集团。 2011年 5月

48. 代理吉特迈汽车股份有限公司(Automotores Gildemeister S. A.)发行3亿美元私募基金,2021年到期。发行人为智利汽车专业公司––吉迈特汽车股份有限公司,担保方为其智利子公司––Marc 租赁股份有限公司(Marc Leasing S.A.)。 2011年 5月

49. 代理阿尔伯塔投资管理公司 (Alberta Investment Management Corporation) 以8.9亿美元收购了斯堪斯卡(Skanska)公司在圣地亚哥高速公路私人运营商––中央高速公路专营公司持有的50%股权。 2011年 4月

50. 代理Salfacorp股份有限公司(智利最大的工程建筑和上市公司之一)以3500万美元收购Tecsa股份有限公司100%的股权。 2011年 4月

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